About Ed Mazza Marketing and Communications Consulting

Ed Mazza is a marketing consultant with over 25 years in marketing strategy, marketing tactics and messaging in a wide variety of markets including: stereoscopic and autostereoscopic displays, 3D content, VR, AR, telecommunications, training, cloud computing, digital signage, electric, water, and gas utilities, construction test equipment.

Mazza Marketing started in 2002 as a part time venture as former employers or former co-workers needed a little extra help on one project or another. As this list grew over the years, Ed decided to move this venture or better put adventure into a full time consulting business. Ed has the ability to adjust to the needs of any client no matter the size of the job by partnering with a wide variety of consultants or service providers as the need arises.

Ed believes that engaging your target market with compelling and differentiating content is the heart of any marketing campaign Additionally, we need to get away from thinking about the product and start thinking about the customer’s true needs. Ed has often been quoted as saying “A marketing professor once told me that a drill manufacturer’s customers don’t need a better drill they need a hole.” Another point often forgotten is that each campaign must open up a conversation with the target market at a personal level. We are not talking at a person or even to a person, we are talking with a person. That is a two way conversation. Ed believes that if the conversation is done properly, we can learn more from the target market than they can learn from us.

Ed’s Marketing expertise includes:
– Messaging development
– Branding
– Market research
– Media relations
– Web makeover
– Social Media Planning and Implementation
– Sales communications
– Customer handouts
– Awareness campaigns
– Demand generation
– Lead generation
– Product launch
– Marketing and sales staff training

“I Love the Smell of Possibilities in the Morning!”


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